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Where is it Commonly Found?

Coal tar-based creosote is the most commonly used wood preservative in the United States. It is also used for roofing.
EPA classification: B1 (Probable human carcinogen - based on limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans)

What are its known health effects?

Carcinogen (P65)

What are its suspected health effects?

Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant (LADO - L)

Alternative Materials

See above for wood treatments. There are many cresote free roofing products.

Additional Regulatory Information

On at least 46 federal government watch lists

Does it Correspond With Any Green Building Credits?

Living Building Challenge (1.2) - Prerequisite 5;
Living Building Challenge 1.3 – Prerequisite 5: Materials Red List;
Living Building Challenge 2.0 – Red List;
Living Building Challenge 3.0 - Red List;

How is it Categorized?

Wood Additives and Treatments

What is its Origin?

On at least 46 federal government watch lists

Cresote is a wood preservative intended to slow decay and increase the life expectancy of wood products.

Divisions and Sections

Div 06 Asphalt Shingles

Div 06 Built-Up Asphalt Roofing

Div 06 Built-Up Coal Tar Roofing

General Reference