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Where is it Commonly Found?

Wood treatment
EPA classification: A (Human carcinogen); Recognized Carcinogen and Development Toxicant (CA-P65) linked to skin cancer and cancer in the lungs, bladder, liver, kidney and prostate. Human exposure is most common through food and groundwater.

What are its known health effects?

Carcinogen (P65)

Developmental Toxicant (P65)

What are its suspected health effects?

Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicant (EPA-HEN) (HAZMAP) (KLAA) (LADO - L) (MALA) (OEHHA-CREL) (STAC)

Endocrine Toxicant (KEIT) (WWF)

Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicant (ATSDR) (DIPA) (EPA-HEN) (KLAA) (LADO - L) (MALA) (STAC) (ZIMM)

Immunotoxicant (HAZMAP)

Kidney Toxicant (EPA-HEN) (STAC)


Reproductive Toxicant (FRAZIER) (OEHHA-AREL) (GHS)

Respiratory Toxicant (EPA-HEN) (HAZMAP) (KLAA) (LU - P) (NEME)

Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant (ATSDR) (EPA-HEN) (HAZMAP) (LADO - L)

Additional Regulatory Information

Sale of arsenic-treated wood halted by EPA In January 2004 for residential uses.

Does it Correspond With Any Green Building Credits?

Living Building Challenge (1.2) - Perquisite 5;
Living Building Challenge 1.3 – Prerequisite 5: Materials Red List;
Living Building Challenge 2.0 – Red List;
Living Building Challenge 3.0 - Red List;
Green Guide for Health Care - CM 1.1: Community Contaminant Prevention: Airborne releases;

How is it Categorized?

Wood Additives and Treatments

What is its Origin?

Sale of arsenic-treated wood halted by EPA In January 2004 for residential uses.

Arsenic is a chemical element in the periodic table (symbol As) that is not found alone in nature, but its compounds are common in minerals.

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Div 06 Exterior Finish Carpentry

Div 06 Glued-Laminated Construction

Div 06 Heavy Timber Construction

Div 06 Miscellaneous Rough Carpentry

Div 06 Rough Carpentry

Div 06 Sheathing

Div 06 Shop-Fabricated Wood Trusses

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