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CAS# 107-15-3

Where is it Commonly Found?

Acoustical ceiling panel
Alkyd semi-gloss paint
Blankets, rolls
Flexible lined sheetmetal ductwork
Floor underlayment
General performance sealants
Glass Wool-batts
Glass wool insulation
Interior solvent thinned paints
Latex flat paint
Latex Primer
Leather (Synthetic Organic Leather Tanning Agents)
Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
Paint and varnish removers
Rubber Manufacture (Vulcanization agents)
Sheet vinyl flooring
Synthetic resin and rubber adhesives
Tufted carpets and rugs
Vegetable adhesives (starches)
Vinyl coated wallcovering
Wood furniture

Condition is True
Asthma Trigger
Condition is False

*We are following the European Union principles on asthma where the focus is on evidence that a substance has the ability to cause asthma, rather than on the existence of a specific underlying mechanism.


How is it Categorized?


Divisions and Sections

Div 06 Exterior Architectural Woodwork

Div 06 Exterior Finish Carpentry

Div 06 Glued-Laminated Construction

Div 06 Heavy Timber Construction

Div 06 Interior Architectural Woodwork

Div 06 Interior Finish Carpentry

Div 06 Miscellaneous Rough Carpentry

Div 06 Rough Carpentry

Div 06 Sheathing

Div 06 Wood Decking

Div 06 Wood Paneling

Div 07 Joint Sealants

Div 07 Thermal Insulation

Div 08 Flush Wood Doors

Div 08 Gasketing

Div 08 Stile and Rail Wood Doors

Div 09 Acoustical Metal Pan Ceilings

Div 09 Acoustical Panel Ceilings

Div 09 Acoustical Tile Ceilings

Div 09 Exterior Painting

Div 09 High-Performance Coatings

Div 09 Interior Painting

Div 09 Linear Metal Ceilings

Div 09 Resilient Athletic Flooring

Div 09 Resilient Base and Accessories

Div 09 Resilient Sheet Flooring

Div 09 Resilient Tile Flooring

Div 09 Sheet Carpeting

Div 09 Static-Control Resilient Flooring

Div 09 Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems

Div 09 Tile Carpeting

Div 10 Wood Lockers

Div 12 Audio-Visual Support Furniture

Div 12 Banquettes

Div 12 Classroom Furniture

Div 12 Custom Upholstered Seating

Div 12 Display Casework

Div 12 Dormitory Furniture

Div 12 Fixed Audience Seating

Div 12 Guest Room Furniture

Div 12 Healthcare Seating

Div 12 Interlocking Furniture

Div 12 Library Furniture

Div 12 Manufactured Wood Casework

Div 12 Office Furniture

Div 12 Patient Room Furniture

Div 12 Residential Casework

Div 12 Restaurant Furniture

Div 12 Systems Furniture

Div 15 Air Distribution

Div 15 Basic Materials and Methods