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Hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
CAS# 822-06-0

Where is it Commonly Found?

Enamel coatings

Condition is False
Asthma Trigger
Condition is True

*We are following the European Union principles on asthma where the focus is on evidence that a substance has the ability to cause asthma, rather than on the existence of a specific underlying mechanism.


How is it Categorized?


Divisions and Sections

Div 05 Decorative Metal

Div 05 Decorative Metal Railings

Div 05 Fabricated Metal Spiral Stairs

Div 05 Metal Fabrications

Div 05 Metal Gratings

Div 05 Metal Stairs

Div 05 Pipe and Tube Railings

Div 07 Metal Roof Panels

Div 07 Metal Shingles

Div 07 Metal Wall Panels

Div 07 Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim

Div 07 Sheet Metal Roofing

Div 07 Roof Accessories

Div 07 Roof Specialties

Div 08 Access Doors and Frames

Div 08 Aluminum Frames

Div 08 Aluminum Windows

Div 08 Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefronts

Div 08 Automatic Door Operators

Div 08 Detention Doors and Frames

Div 08 Detention Windows

Div 08 Folding Doors

Div 08 Glazing

Div 08 Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Div 08 Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit (ICU/CCU) Entrances

Div 08 Metal-Framed Skylights

Div 08 Overhead Coiling Doors

Div 08 Overhead Coiling Grilles

Div 08 Revolving Door Entrances

Div 08 Roof Windows

Div 08 Sectional Doors

Div 08 Security windows

Div 08 Sliding Aluminum-Framed Glass Doors

Div 08 Sliding Wood-Framed Glass Doors

Div 08 Sound Control Door Assemblies

Div 08 Steel Windows

Div 08 Unit Skylights

Div 09 Acoustical Panel Ceilings

Div 09 Acoustical Tile Ceilings

Div 09 High-Performance Coatings

Div 09 Linear Metal Ceilings

Div 09 Security Ceiling Assemblies

Div 09 Suspended Decorative Grids

Div 10 Detention Accessories

Div 10 Metal Storage Shelving

Div 10 Signage

Div 10 Telephone Specialties

Div 10 Toilet Compartments

Div 10 Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories

Div 11 Foodservice Equipment

Div 12 Healthcare Casework